Data Protection
The customer data provided to Siewert & Kau for the realisation of a business transaction will be processed and stored electronically. Siewert & Kau attach utmost importance to the protection of personal data, for which reason we strictly adhere to the Data Protection Rules and Regulations applicable.

Usage and Processing of personal Data
We use personal data only to the extent to which they are needed for guaranteeing the execution of orders and their delivery, or for fulfilling the relevant contractual obligations. Any further usage e.g. for market research purposes, advertising or newsletters is subject to your explicit consent. Your consent, once given, can be revoked at any time. The relevant contact details can be found in our legal information/site notice.
Our handling of personal data includes storing, correcting, sending, blocking and deleting them. Depending on your instructions, the data will be corrected, blocked or deleted, unless they are needed to fulfil contractual obligations or for legal reasons. Furthermore, you are entitled to demand, at any time, information on the data stored about you.

We do not forward any personal data to third parties with the exception of our service partners whose services we enlist for the execution of our contractual obligations, e.g. logistics operators. In such cases we strictly observe the rules and regulations laid down in the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) reducing the scope of the data forwarded to an absolute minimum.

When placing your order, you automatically consent to the usage of your data within the scope described above. You are free to revoke your consent at any time and without any limit. The relevant contact details for such revocation can also be found in our legal information/site notice.