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Code of Conduct

Zero tolerance for corruption

Zero tolerance for active and passive corruption:
Siewert & Kau rejects any form of corrupt behaviour. Our employees will never offer, promise or grant advantages to contacts and decision-makers at our business partners or their relatives in order to influence behaviour or business decisions that are favourable to Siewert & Kau. In the same way, our employees will never offer, promise or grant such personal advantages to themselves or to third parties if this could create or even give the impression that our employees can be influenced or are influenced in business-relevant decisions at and for Siewert und Kau. We are not for sale and together we will always actively counter any other impression. We have drawn up guidelines for dealing with typical situations, which must be observed at all costs:

Dealing with gifts, invitations and entertainment:
Siewert & Kau procures and sells goods and services on the basis of product and service quality, especially in customer support. The impression must not be created that our decisions regarding the procurement and provision of goods and services have been made because we or individual employees have given or received gifts, benefits, entertainment or other gratuities or have had them promised to us, the purpose or result of which was or was intended to be unfair preferential treatment. We have established specific regulations in this regard.

Donations/ Sponsorship:
Only the management decides on donations or sponsoring. Our employees know that they are not allowed to make any decisions about this at Siewert & Kau.

Prevention of money laundering:
Siewert & Kau has established risk-appropriate precautions to prevent money laundering and the financing of international terrorism in accordance with legal requirements and the guidelines of the supervisory authorities. Money laundering is a process whereby funds from unlawful sources are introduced into lawful financial channels or lawful funds are diverted for unlawful purposes. In order to prevent Siewert & Kau from becoming unintentionally involved in money laundering activities, the legal regulations and in particular the “know your customer” principle (“KYC”) must be followed. Accordingly, the identity of the respective customer or business partner must always be established. Establishing the identity of the customer is mandatory.

By stepping into a business relationship with Siewert & Kau Computertechnik GmbH all suppliers and customers agree to follow the same rules und values. Furthermore they agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the territories where they conduct business, especially those which are mentioned here.

Trade compliance and export control:



Siewert & Kau sells goods and services in many countries and therefore observes the legal norms of national and international law relevant to export controls. All employees at Siewert & Kau are obliged to comply with all applicable regulations on import and export controls, all customs regulations as well as trade controls and any embargoes within the scope of their work for Siewert & Kau.


The code of conduct serves as support and orientation in the daily work of all employees at Siewert & Kau.

It helps us to avoid risks and breaches as well as it also identifies the right countermeasures.

Violations of these rules can result in significant reputational damage and legal restrictions for the responsible employees, their colleagues and Siewert & Kau, including fines, criminal proceedings or restrictions on official permits.


Managers at Siewert & Kau have a role model function. They are responsible for their own behavior and the behavior of the employees in their departments. They are also responsible for a compliant behavior in order to avoid any legal risk. All employees at Siewert & Kau have to ensure that all applicable laws and regulations are taken into account in their working environment as well as internal instructions and guidelines.


Dell Technologies:


All Dell Technologies products, software and services are presumed subject to U.S. export control requirements, in addition to any other applicable countries requirements.

They must not be provided to any sanctioned or restricted persons, countries, or uses unless authorized by the U.S. government.


By buying Dell Technologies products, software and services our customers have to

understand and comply with the U.S. export control laws and regulations

including any special restrictions and also understand and comply with applicable import and export control laws and regulations of other countries.


In addition they must obtain any required licenses or other government authorizations as needed to the use, transfer, import, export, or re-export of Dell Technologies products, software, technology, or services.


It is prohibited to cooperate with any restrictive trade practice or boycott that is prohibited or penalized under U.S. or applicable local laws