The Siewert & Kau formula for success: Modular Added Value Distribution

Bergheim, August 1, 2017 – Siewert & Kau, IT distribution and logistics services specialist, records growth of 9% for the past fiscal year (ending May 31, 2017). The international distributor with a workforce of 400 employees, increased its sales from €675 million to €738 million in total. This shows that the company is again continuing its trend over recent years, of growing significantly above market level. The foundation for this success was laid through the company’s early strategic alignment on product segments and services that increasingly make use of solutions and consultancy. Its ‘Competence Centres’, of which seven have been established to date, have made a major contribution to successful sales and business. In the current year, 2017/18, Siewert & Kau will in particular drive forward the setup and expansion of the recently formed, third key pillar in sales: ‘Value Add’. The distributor will strengthen its connection to retail as a business enabler on a sustainable basis, with its range of future-fit added value services such as cloud solutions and an E-Campus.

Trusted trading partner with solid expertise
“We are delighted about our success in the 2016/17 fiscal year, again growing significantly above the market level (Q2/2016: 6%) – which once again comes purely from organic growth,” emphasised Björn Siewert, Managing Director of Siewert & Kau Computertechnik GmbH. “The early strategic focus on our ‘Competence Centres’ for the last two and a half years continues to contribute directly to the success of our business up to this day. Additionally, they ensure that we will continue growing within our manufacturer portfolio. We are particularly pleased with the results from segments such as Dell, with its business range of notebooks, workstations and thin clients. In addition, we recorded positive effects from sought-after SSD enterprise solutions in the storage sector, which makes us one of the largest storage distributors in the German-speaking countries. However, the digital signage market – which is particularly focused on solutions and consultancy – also achieved excellent results, recording the highest growth overall in the past year.” We are creating positive momentum as well in on-trend areas such as 3D printing, through the consistent, market-oriented expansion of our range.” Siewert continued: “I would like to mention ‘Avistron’ in particular, which is our own brand of high-quality 3D printing supplies, available since the end of 2016.”

The Siewert & Kau ‘Competence Centres’ further develop the feel and confidence for the retail market: they enable additional customer needs to be identified even earlier, new potential for growth and business for retail customers to be flexibly and quickly unlocked, and the clients’ competitiveness to be strengthened in the long term.

Accelerated Modular Added Value Distribution
“In the current year, we are accelerating our ‘Modular Added Value Distribution’ formula for success,” Björn Siewert confirmed. “With our recently formed Value Add area, we are supporting specialised trade partners throughout the whole delivery chain – from well-grounded presales consultancy, to support for financing and rollout, to aftersales support. By the end of 2017, we will be launching two new Value Add packages in the form of an E-Campus, and Cloud Solutions.”
In future, the Academy will enable not only Siewert & Kau employees but also specialised trade partners to benefit from attractive, tailored training and certification options that are aligned with market trends.¬¬¬ Siewert & Kau is also expanding its range of services with additional, Microsoft CSP-based cloud options in the form of an open ‘X as a service’ approach. Through this, the distributor is not only opening up access to new future-fit and lucrative business models, but also securing its position as an expert, pioneering partner for retailers and manufacturers alike.

Based on this approach that is consistently focused on solutions, consultancy and added value, Siewert & Kau continually creates new development perspectives – and with this comes a new and wide-ranging need for skilled professionals. “We will be constantly adding qualified colleagues with specialist expertise to the team over the next few months.
As a result, we believe ourselves to be very well-equipped to continue this growth trend in our role as a focused and reliable solutions provider, modular added value distributor, and wide-ranging business enabler for retail in the ongoing 2017/18 fiscal year, as well as in the future.