Fast product cycles, dynamic markets and ever changing requirements and trends – these are the things which make IT a challenging business field with lots of potential for growth. Anyone wanting to benefit from this must act in a swift, focused manner. And that's exactly what we're known for – it's in our DNA: 
At Siewert & Kau, we have more than two decades' experience in wholesaling with IT products, and a good feel for the market. With our successful sales structure and qualified staff, we offer a market-oriented product range, and fast, personalised, reliable support for our partners. 

Our proactive sales approach and associated wealth of products and know-how makes us unique. We're able to act faster and more flexibly along the entire supply chain, forming the 'fastlane' for manufacturers to access dealers. This results in us providing our customers with personalised, large-scale delivery solutions – often within 24 hours, and always at the best price and with constant, maximum availability.

As part of our 'One Face Sales' strategy, every single Siewert & Kau sales staff member has "high tech" in their blood, and is ready to lend an ear to their customers. In doing so, they become familiar with customers' needs, and can relay these needs to the individual manufactures more quickly, thus acting in a fast, reliable and personalised manner. 

The Siewert & Kau promise:
  • Personalised, fast and reliable
  • Maximum, permanent availability
  • Best pricing
  • One Face Sales strategy
  • Optimised IT logistics
  • Same-day shipping with latest possible cut-off