Goods defect? No problem!

Siewert & Kau subjects goods it offers to regular quality controls. Despite thorough testing, with the large number of delivered articles (more than 15.7 million every year), problems with individual products cannot be ruled out.

It goes without saying that articles purchased from Siewert & Kau are covered by warranty. In the case that the manufacturer does not offer direct service processing, you can contact us at any time.

To ensure optimal processing, first apply for an RMA number. RMA (Return Material Authorization) describes the ID number for a goods return. This can be done easily using our RMA online form.

Our RMA hotline and a separate RMA e-mail address are available to you. In the case that you take up direct contact with the manufacturer, we can also assist you with the processing. Our qualified employees in the Service Center are happy to help you at any time.

What should be taken into account when returning the defective goods?
  • We only guarantee free service processing for goods purchased from Siewert & Kau.
  • The return of defective goods can also take place without requesting an RMA number beforehand by simply using the RMA online form.
  • We send an internal RMA processing number to the service e-mail address you have registered with us. This e-mail also contains all important information about the further processing of the complaint.

  • Please send us your goods without packaging and accessories (i.e. bulk), as we cannot assume responsibility for the accessories sent.
  • Please note that computer hardware is generally sensitive to shock. In your own interest, please therefore package returned articles carefully, as we cannot accept returned articles which have not been appropriately packaged. Otherwise, we will find ourselves forced to return the articles to you at a charge.
  • In the case of mainboards, please do not use the respective sales packaging as a shipping box, as it is not sufficiently padded. Articles cannot be transported safely enough with this.
  • Position the RMA ID securely and visibly on the packaging. This helps our service staff to sort the delivery more quickly upon receiving the goods and to process it more quickly.

  • Please understand that Siewert & Kau refuses to accept unfranked packages.
  • Our service technicians conduct detailed tests on RMA goods returned to us. In the case that the goods do not show the described defect or in the case of different mechanical damage, we reserve the right to charge an all-in fee of 16.80 euros.
  • In the case of goodwill returns, e.g. in the case of incompatibility of individual components, credit is given for a maximum of the current value of the goods, minus an all-in shipping and processing fee of 16.80 euros.