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Trainees we can be proud of!

Working atmosphere and advanced training opportunities are a high priority

Bergheim, August 23, 2021

“Don’t feel like it… I’d rather hang out and play with my phone”.

At Siewert & Kau, we are proud of our 35 trainees and students because the younger generation works very hard here – in eight vocations and two courses of study. The range of disciplines is impressive: from office management clerk to wholesale and export management, freight forwarding and logistics services, dialogue marketing, warehouse logistics specialist, warehouse clerk, IT specialist for applications development and IT system electronics technician to dual study courses such as general management and logistics management.

No stupid ideas!

Leonora Kinsfator, 17, has already learned during her internship how to process inquiries and write offers, and what takes place in the back office.
“I found that exciting and therefore applied for a vocational training position as a wholesale and export management clerk. My expectation is that I can improve and develop my abilities through personal initiative. I can contribute my own suggestions here, because there are no stupid ideas.”

What’s more, it’s the right environment. “Siewert & Kau offers me a future in a family atmosphere.”

Hannah Stübner, 18, is completing the same vocational training course (wholesale and export management clerk) and agrees. “There’s a great team here with a lot of cohesion. I think everything involving computers, technology and IT will be the issues of the future in the coming years.”

The Bergheim-based distributor also supports graduate studies, explains 19-year-old Nils Kügeler. After earning his vocational baccalaureate diploma, he has begun a course in sales training (wholesale and export management clerk).

“I completed numerous internships already when I was in school, including at Siewert & Kau. I enjoyed the company and the working environment so much that I applied for an apprenticeship here. My goal now is to complete my training as well as possible and then study at university. That’s why advanced training and career opportunities within the company are important to me.”

Working environment – an area of focus!

Joshua Weitzel, 23, always wanted to work in sales (wholesale and export management clerk).
“I wanted to do something communicative where you can make a difference with the way you talk to people.
Siewert & Kau is already allowing me to work on actual projects with real customers. By working in the back office, you acquire the background knowledge you need to come across as confident and competent on the phone. The most important thing is that the customer can tell you know what you’re talking about.”

The apprenticeship is Joshua’s gateway to working life. “I’d like to study business psychology later on. A profession I know I’ll be good at and in which I feel comfortable is important to me. After all, I spend most of the day at work. I also want to be financially secure. I like the transparency of the work at Siewert & Kau, as well as the way the company treats everyone. It’s like a big family here. We have a lot of contact with all the locations, which gives you the feeling you’re part of something big.”

Lina Werner, 21, is doing a dual course of study in business administration at Siewert & Kau.

“Due to the pandemic, I didn’t transfer here from another company until last October. What I like working in sales is the contact with customers and the fact that the success lets you see for yourself how good you are. I’ll be finished studying in September, and then I’ll directly begin working here as a key account manager. I’m pleased to get this opportunity. I’d definitely like to prove myself and be able to see every month in my salary how good I am. The most important thing for me is contact with people.”

Leah Köllen, 22, , knows that a good way to get to know all the employees and departments is to work in accounting. She is training to become an office management clerk.

“The trainees transfer throughout all the positions and serve as messengers. That means you get to know practically everyone personally. I applied for a training position at Siewert & Kau and was initially accepted by a different department before coming to accounting. But I stayed here because I like numbers. The good thing is that I’m allowed to work autonomously and now enter the invoices of one of the biggest suppliers into the system. What I like most here is the atmosphere, the work and my colleagues.”

Ertan Sahin, 21, learned the warehouse processes from the ground up. He came to Siewert & Kau as a temporary employee. Now he’s completing a dual course of study at the company in logistics management..

“Logistics is a major operation here, in a growing industry that is important for the future. Later I’ll be able to combine my practical experience with the knowledge I acquire at university, and make a contribution here. We’ll see where that leads me. It’s important to me to do something I enjoy and work somewhere where I like spending the entire day. The team is great. Everyone is on familiar terms and they all make an effort to teach me something.”

What would an IT distributor be without its own IT department? Andre Rolshoven is responsible for infrastructure at the company: he is training to become an IT system electronics. That’s just the profession for him, because he finds computers exciting in his private life as well.

“Siewert & Kau is a big company, and I found the job description interesting. So I applied for a training position and was accepted. I’m interested in computers in my free time, too, because I enjoy gaming. Here I help the employees solve problems with their computers. Here I help the employees solve problems with their computers. I like the environment here in general. I have very nice colleagues who are always pleased to help if I have a question. What’s more, my work is quite varied.”

Opportunities and working environment

These voices from the next generation are no exception. “We are proud of our trainees because they work really hard and try to get off to the best possible start to their career,” says Björn Siewert. “They all work directly on real projects and thus get opportunities to prove themselves. That and a good working environment make us an attractive employer and serve as motivation for the young people,” Siewert explains. “Ultimately, they are our future colleagues! So it makes sense to invest in their future.” The hard work pays off for the trainees, too, because nearly all of them are offered permanent employment after their training or studies.

We have a heart for trainees

Sarah Führer completed her own training as a wholesale and export management clerk at Siewert & Kau. Since then, she has worked as Sales Support Team Leader.. Her tasks also include overseeing all trainees and students during the beginning of their training – and being there to advise them. Later on during their training, she oversees the sales trainees.

“I especially enjoy planning the starting phase. It kicks off our future colleagues’ training and lays the foundation for their later career with us,” emphasizes the Sales Support Team Leader. The new trainees first have to learn the basics from Sarah Führer. After that, they successively acquire specialist knowledge. Yet it’s also important to her that the trainees and students can contribute their own ideas and help to shape their workplace: “We let them know the objective, but not how to get there. Siewert & Kau gives trainees enough space to try out their own solutions. I personally help them to work in an autonomous and solution-oriented way.”

Führer’s work requires a sense of finesse and insight into human nature. Potential has to be nurtured and strengths and weaknesses identified. Explains Sarah Führer:“That’s the only way to find the right place in the company later on for each new colleague.”.